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Quartz Ave, Rotorua

0 m Fences 0 m³ Top Soil Removed 0 m³ Cut to Fill 2023 Quartz Ave Subdivision Situated on a secluded cul-de-sac, Quartz Avenue encompasses a site area of 2.1 hectares. Prior to our involvement, majority of the earthworks on the site had already been completed. Our specific task was to undertake site earthworks, ensuring […]

Ranolf Street, Rotorua

0 m Drainage 0 ㎡ Landscaping 0 m³ Bulk Earthworks 2023 Ranolf Street Subdivision The Ranolf Street subdivision, located in the heart of Rotorua and spanning approximately 2 hectares, posed various environmental and project-related challenges. However, we effectively addressed these challenges through proactive measures such as early engagement with neighbors and stakeholders, as well as […]

Cottingham Cres, Mangere

0 % the average development period​ 0 t general rubbish removed​ 0 m³ asbestos-contaminated soil removed​ 0 m³ engineer fill​ 2021 COTTINGHAM CRES, MANGERE Description is comming… Services Provided:   Drainage & Pipelines Roading & Maintenance Kerb & Channel Deconstruction Land Surveying Heavy Machinery Hire

Whites Rd, Whitford

0 m³ Soil removed 0 ㎡ Geogrid 0 m³ Engineered fill 2023 Whites Rd, Whitford Situated in Whitford, Auckland, our team encountered numerous challenges in undertaking this project. The scope involved the restoration of a slip, the construction of two Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls, and the establishment of a track leading to the on-site […]